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 Of course the historical side of my trip was a huge highlight for me, and I knew I was going to enjoy my time at the museums and archeological sites— that was a given. However, one of the best aspects of my trip, and one I will treasure forever, was getting to meet a lot of very lovely people, particularly from Tumblr.

 I would like to thank captainofalltheships for introducing me to her family, and taking me up to Delphi for the day— a drive that was long and a bit hot, but enjoyable due to the company. Thank you for also meeting me on my last day in Athens, and taking me to a favourite Athenian student spot. It was vastly enjoyable, and made my last night in Athens one to remember. Perfect way to wrap up a perfect visit.

 Thank you to drownedintofiction for coming from Hamburg to Berlin to visit me and my friend. Thanks for taking me to a museum I hadn’t even thought of— it was a really cool, neat, and off the beat and track thing for me to go and see, and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for also putting up with the immense amount of walking we did, some of which lead to nowhere particularly inspired. Also, those peach candies were delicious.

 Major shout out to motherof-unicorns, not only for being a total peach during the Ring*Con weekend, but for letting me into your group of friends for the weekend. I truly felt like ‘one of the gang’, and felt like I fit right in. Thank you for also speaking English all weekend, and never switching to German long enough that I was left out of the loop as to what was going on. Thank you for also putting me into contact with Melissa, and finding me a place to stay for the weekend.

 Another major shout out to thatwaspwoparocknroll for giving me a place to stay, driving me to and from the bus stop, and doing all in your power to get me to the airport despite the Bahn strike. Thank you for taking in a complete stranger, and for being so kind and welcoming. You’re always welcome at my place in Canada should you ever visit!

 And a thank you to superethical94 for chatting with me about Buffy, Resident Evil, and, of course, Loras Tyrell. It was a pleasure meeting you.

 From the bottom of my little lemony heart, thank you all for making me trip one to remember. You offered me, a stranger from that chilly land we call Canada, friendship and kindness. Thank you.

Everything you’ve ever dreaded was under your bed, but told yourself couldn’t be by the light of day. They’re all real. (Season 1)

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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) -

"If only the picture could change and I could be always what I am now."

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advisors & companions

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Stranded in Amsterdam!

So I missed my connection today due to poor weather in Frankfurt. Thankfully, KLM are not pieces of shit who leave a person stranded. So, while I wait for the next flight out tomorrow morning, I am staying free at a hotel, get free breakfast and dinner, aaand I got a little care package with toiletries.

So I just took a long bath, read a book and ate some chocolate I bought in Germany.

I have also been mother henning a young German girl. She is seventeen and this was her first solo trip ever (she is headed to Vancouver). Been helping her with translations and getting to the right places. If this happened to me when I was seventeen I would be freaking out.

Also - free wifi!

Finn: Are you the one who wrote that Achilles essay?
Me: Yep! 8D
Finn: 8D

And then we talked about Canada after I got to tell Finn how Loras has influenced me academically (which he thought was super awesome)

Finn: Are you the one who wrote that Achilles essay?
Me: Yep! 8D
Finn: 8D

And then we talked about Canada after I got to tell Finn how Loras has influenced me academically (which he thought was super awesome)

Alfie Allen Ring*Con Panel

- Comes away from Reek scenes feeling down but draws from it. Sometimes it can be hard
- If he could play another role he would like to be Bronn
- Gets along with Iwan and they have great chemistry. Go and play pool a lot at the end of the day to relax after the difficult scenes
- Thought his most fun scene to film with Gemma was when he felt her up on the horse
- What he would say to Theon haters is… you are allowed to like him or not! Disliking a character isn’t a reflection on a person. But thinks Theon is trying to do the right thing but failing miserably. He is a grey character.
- Anything he has in common with his character? Thinks as an actor he draws on things in his own life to bring to Theon. After living with Theon for six years he thinks he probably has things in common with him
- He would tell Theon to be himself and just chill if he met him in real life
- If Robb had not died and they met again how would it have gone? He would like to think it would be possible to rebuild a relationship between them, but realized what Theon did is pretty dark
- Thinks Theon burned the letter because he wanted to find a place in the world. His own fate had never been in his own hands and he was trying to take hold of his life. But he has no clue what he wants to be. Theon gets a little power crazy at the end because he has never had power before.
- Thinks he would be a Lannister if he were in Westeros
- Favourite food is curry and a good steak
- If he could be in any other character in a tv show… McNulty from The Wire!
- Doesn’t use the books as source material anymore because it doesn’t really come into play with the tv show anymore. Things are too different and he didn’t wanna think about a scene from the book that would be cut in the show.
- Has no idea if Theon will ever redeem himself but would like to see it happen
- How long did the makeup take for the body scars in the bathtub scene? Ages he said. Thought it was good to see the physical, lasting damage he has sustained.
- If Theon dies in the books he will probably continue to read the books
- Has he ever read fanfiction? Friend pointed out stuff to him on Tumblr once and was shocked at how quick things are updated. Says he doesn’t wanna read fic because it could be quite horrible
- He wants Theon’s ending to be something cool. Redeems himself and forgives himself and maybe goes to join up with Bran.
- Would like to see Bran on the Iron Throne
- Favourite animals are dogs and hippos
- Would really like to get back to the stage and do theater work

Finn Jones Ring*Con Panel Highlights

- He admits Sleeping Beauty was a pile of shit. Bad production, bad script, no one knew what was going on and they were stuck in the middle of nowhere with no means of escape
- What does Finn think of the tryst with Olyvar… Doesn’t know what to think about it. Thinks maybe Loras was trying to get over Renly by sleeping with someone else. Loras is in a horrible situation and finds release and escape in Olyvar and finds companionship in him, while Olyvar has his own agenda.
- Finn likes that Loras is a gay character but a fighter. Doesn’t like how the show makes Loras camp and into fashion and brooches
- Thinks S5 has a stronger Loras
- Honoured to play a gay character who isn’t like most gay characters on TV
- He thinks scene between Theon and Loras would be hilarious. They would have a great fight. Alfie thinks Reek would be a better romance for Loras than Theon because he has a “gentler touch”.
- When asked what advice their respective characters would give each other, Alfie said Theon would tell Loras not to fuck up. Finn saod Loras would tell Theon to fight on and know himself.
- Finn likes that Loras is heir to Highgarden because it gives him more scenes. Thinks Cersei and Loras would get along if they didn’t have the politics and family animosity.
- He enjoyed his sex scenes with Gethin. Had never done a same sex scene before GoT and had to get into the zone. Ended up loving it. He enjoys filming same sex sex scenes
- Says Loras is on top
- More ‘naked gay sex’ in S5 
- likes when Loras is ‘punchy’
- Thinks Loras knows Olenna killed Joffrey, and that he is happy he died
- Favourite scenes to film were intimate scenes
- Said Loras would study architecture at a modern university to which Alfie made a pfft noise
- If Loras had dragons it would be ‘serious’. Wants Loras to ride a dragon and become a skilled dragon warrior.
- Wants Loras to get disfigured like in the books (possibly)
- Says he is Anti Dany. Says she contradicts herself and is a dictator. Makes people do what she wants and threatens them with dragons
- Loves Jon Snow. Pro Jon
- Loras stands by Margaery no matter what
- Thinks Tyrell would be great to rule the throne because they have heart and are political. But not good with the ‘supernatural’ stuff and could struggle with the dragons and white walkers.

Me: I came all the way from Canada so this better be good!
Finn: Oh shit!

Me: I came all the way from Canada so this better be good!
Finn: Oh shit!