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new still of margaery tyrell in 4.03

new still of margaery tyrell in 4.03

 Still unsure why they got a new actor for Tommen and aged him up even further.

 Like, did they give an explanation for this or did they just feel like it?

Going to go interview a WWII Radar Operator who served in Malta and Egypt.

 We’ll see how this goes. I dunno what my Grandma told this guy. Like, this was all planned through her so I dunno if the family and the gentleman know I’m interested in recording the interview and have some questions lined up…

Moments Joffrey Baratheon made me laugh. (Seasons 2 & 3)

Rivers change course over many lifetimes, and eventually all bridges tumble down. A thousand years ago there was another city on this spot. The people carved the bones of whales and inscribed them with my Mark.



the concept of a “Freudian Slip” just doesn’t make any sex to me at all

sometimes you just say one thing and mean your mother

Anonymous said:  Does the scene between Loras and the squire/spy dude make you angry too? In the books it seems like Loras is never going to be over Renly's death. I mean, it really doesn't make any sense to have him all "when the sun sets no candle can replace" and then have him seem like he's totally moved on.

 Olyvar? I’ve talked about that scene a few times now, but basically, I’m not upset on the basis of “Loras shouldn’t have done that because he’ll never love anyone other than Renly” because I think having sex =/= love.

 HOWEVER, I am upset with the way they handled it. Instead of having Loras jump into bed with Olyvar as a way to perhaps find some solace even if it is just for a moment, or to realize that he’s not over Renly’s passing and have some discussion about that, they tossed it in to have Loras reveal he was set up to marry Sansa, as well as to show off some dick and ass and fill GoT’s gay sex quota (one scene a season seems to be it). There was no reason for it beyond that.

Here’s a write-up I did a year ago after the scene came out.

And here is an ask I received a few weeks ago