Curly Haired Little Girl

 Playing AC4 and my sister just informed me that no one knows James Kidd is a girl.

 I thought Edward knew and was just playing along. But no, apparently that Jon Snow impersonation has everyone fooled.

The girls are back in town.

 If I can romance Dorian or Grey Warden Bear Man, I’ll be a happy DA player, that’s for sure.

Anonymous said:  Hello, I'd just like to say that I found your response to the question about Olenna very interesting and well reasoned. Classy work here on your blog. Enjoy the rest of your day.

 Thanks! I hope this wasn’t sarcasm


Anonymous said:  can i put lies that are disproven in like the first 30 seconds of the game in your askbox?


 I want this game to be a complete and utter surprise in every single way! When I got DA2 the day it came out, I played about half of it in one sitting. I didn’t go online until I had finished that game (and I finished it in about three days).

 No spoilers. None. None at all.

 So Dragon Age Inquisition comes out when I’ll be chilling in Berlin, so when I come back on the 19th I HAD BETTER NOT SEE ANY SPOILERS IN MY ASK BOX.



this is a modern cinematic masterpiece

I will cage fight dissenters